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We all know how time consuming and sometimes stressfull it is to find a gardener that is available to mow your lawn when you need them.

So, here at QuickMow we aim to do things differently !
We want to take the pain out of getting your lawn mowed. We give you the control, so you get to select "What" you need and "When" you need it with the piece of mind of a fixed fee.

Unless you have some unique requirements, we have no real need for onsite (pre work) quotes to have your lawn mowed, we remove the hassle so you get the benefit.

We are offering a fixed fee service that locks your lawn mowing service into a time slot that suits you.

We are building one of Brisbane's biggest lawn mowing service company based on a simple objective - "booking services simple and easy" i am sure you will be impressed with the service, thats why we have our 100% satisfied promise.



QuickMow also makes payments easier for you.

Credit Card / PayPal / Bank Transfer
We will send an invoice with an online payment link in an email to you after the work has been completed.
A simple click, enter your details and your done.

Lawn Mowing Payment


Lawn Mowing & Gardening Services We Offer
  QuickMow Services Small . .(up to 400sqm) Standard (up to 600sqm) Large (up to 800sqm)
  Lawn mowing, lawn edges trimmed & site blow down $55 $65 $75
  Long Grass (assessed onsite) $ $ $
  Lawn Spray (Bindii, Clover, Weeds) $14 $18 $24
  Grass Clippings      
  - Mulched into lawn (recomended) $0 $0 $0
  - Placed into garden, Green Bin or Garbage Bags $10 $15 $20
  - Removed offsite (inc council tip fee) $20 $25 $30
  - Weed Spray $14 $18 $24
  - 15min Block $20 $20 $20
  - 30min Block $40 $40 $40
  - 15min Block $30 $30 $30
  - 30min Block $60 $60 $60
  - Flexible (or regular service) $0 $0 $0
  - Within 24-48hrs $30 $30 $30
  - Specific Date $30 $30 $30


Pricing Updated - 1st Feb 2020



QuickMow Helps
Help us...Help others.
We commit a percentage of all profits towards supporting Compassion
Releasing children from poverty and deperate need...and giving HOPE

Everyone need a hand at some point in thier life, this is our way to give back to the community, booking a service with QuickMow helps us help others.
a Brisbane Lawn Mowing Service that cares.

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